Lawn care

Indianapolis and Greenwood Lawn Care Tips

Having the perfect lawn is easy if you follow some of these easy simple tips and let us handle the rest of your lawn care and lawn treatment:

  1. Don’t overwater your lawn

    Overwatering can cause your roots to be shallow and your grass to grow weak. Water deeply and water infrequently and you should see a much healthier lawn.

  2. Don’t mow your grass too short

    An easy rule to follow is not to cut more than 1/3 of your grass length in a single mowing. A lawn that is cut too short is more susceptible to weed invasion, drought and heat damage

  3. Don’t ignore weeds

    Just a few weeds can spread thousands of seeds across your lawn. Treating your lawn at the first sign of weeds is the best way to make sure it’s beautiful all year.

  4. Take care of your lawn all year

    It’s not enough to only treat your lawn in the spring and summer. With the weather we see in Indianapolis and Greenwood lawn care is important in the fall and winter too.

With these tips and some help from Cragen Integrity Lawn Care, you’ll have the best lawn on the block all year long!