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40 years of experience in creating weed free lawns in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Bargersville, Franklin, and wherever Rick can drive.


Central Indiana has known for 40 years what the secret is to the best grass in the neighborhood.  Let Rick Cragen from Cragen Integrity Lawn Care keep your lawn weed-free all year long.

With over 40 years of experience and hundreds of happy customers all across Central Indiana, Rick Cragen has the experience and knowledge to help improve your lawn. 

Whether you're a first time homeowner or you're just tired of looking at weeds, call us today and Rick will help you find the best plan for you.


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The Cragen Integrity 5 Program

  1. Early Spring

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

is applied for effective control of annual grasses (crabgrass, foxtail, etc.) before they germinate


for your lawn's early spring feeding.

Broadleaf Weed Control

is added as soil temperatures increase.

2. Late Spring


for a light feeding of your lawn's growing needs.

Broadleaf Weed Control

is applied to eliminate unsightly pests such as dandelions and plantains.

General Insecticide

is added to control damaging insects.

3. Summer


for a light feeding of your lawn.

Broadleaf Weed Control

is applied weather permitting.

General Insecticide


to provide feeding for the fall growing season.

Broadleaf Weed Controls

4. Early Fall

Granular Fertilizer

applied in late fall, when your lawn is storing up nutrients for the winter.  This treatment helps increase your lawn's root system, improving green-up in the spring.

5. Late Fall - Early Winter Fertilizer


the integrity guarantee

If you are ever dissatisfied with the results of a Cragen Integrity Lawn Care application after following our professional recommendations, we will work with you to your satisfaction or refund the cost of that application.